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  1. Rosemary DeMarco

    Terrific! Great video! You are rockin it girl!! Definitely making these sammies!

  2. I think that salmon colored shirt is your color !!

  3. Awesome vedio

  4. What if you have diabetes. What's the best sandwich. That won't spike up your blood sugar ?

  5. I LOVE garbanzo beans, so this is #1 on my to try list!!! YUM, these all look amazing!! Thanks Dani!!

  6. Thank you very much I love all of them😊🍗

  7. BILLY the beast

    Since when is meyo healty

  8. Nice ideas more ideas please please please please please 😍😊😊😋😋

  9. How is tuna vegan?

  10. I got one you slightly toast your bread and you put turkey or ham on it along with some mustard and put thin slices of carrots and it's actually good

  11. Do you know how to make mayonnaise at home???

  12. Hi Dani, just stopped in to say hi and also tell you how much were still enjoying all your recipes and videos, I added a few more ingredients to the vegan tuna salad ( we like things spicy here) 1 TBS lemon juice, 1 Serrano chile diced and about 3 TBS cilantro, so good. thanks again for taking time to share your recipes love, love, love them.

  13. Tuna is not good for work nobody likes the stench of pussy as fish

  14. So I made the chickpea salad today. Im not vegan. I love tuna salad and…. this was really good. I will make it again for sure.

  15. Ok i was trying to you tube "lettice sandwich" (the song) and i got this lol

  16. Hi Danni thank you for all of your hard work and for mixing it up a lot for us. cheers Julie in Australia

  17. Watching this in bed… I'm about to go downstairs and make a sandwich 😝 thanks for the recipes! Would love to see a video with healthy sandwiches that are protein packed!

  18. I love u mam

  19. Good Gosh, you can make Sandwiches look So Delicious..I guess that’s why your named Clean and Delicious!! duh..😝

  20. Yolanda Arciniegas

    I"m Yoli a new subscriber to your channel and very happy i discovered your videos you are fenomenal easy explaining each recipes,you really have some great ideas for us busy mother. I personally give you a big thumbs up.

  21. Natalie Omambac

    Hi, I'm late but how many calories does each of the sandwiches have?

  22. Theresa Vandendriesche

    I love that you give vegan options like this! Thanks

  23. I want to try them all! But I will start with the avocado turkey yum! I have been a fan of the Ezekiel bread line for a few years and it my fav! Love the raisin but I never used it like this. Can't wait to try.

  24. Thanks!!! the chickpea sandwich was delicious!!!!!

  25. im making a…………

    banana yea i suck at making stuff

  26. Tuna is not vegan my dear…

  27. That garlic and pepper sandwich sounds so delicious! But I can't eat peppers because they make me sick 🙁 Do you have any replacement recommendations Dani?

  28. Demetrius George

    thanks and in going to try them all. I've tried other of your recipes. So I know these will be aswell. Well till the next episode, later Dani Spies.

  29. Love all three! Trying all three! Tomato/Moz first!! Thanks for sharing!

  30. I would problem try the garlic infused one

  31. Any idea what butter lettuce might be called in the UK? I've been looking for it and tried so many varieties for 14 years…..I just want my butter lettuce back in my life!

  32. I tried the avocado and turkey sandwich, it was delicious, so much so that I forgot to take a picture of it! lol! Thank you so much for such great ideas, you've really inspired me to make healthier choices. It doesn't have to be super hard, and I'm totally discovering that on your channel. Thank you so much!

  33. more vegan ideas please.

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