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  1. Your Moms skin is GLOWING (as is yours) and she even looks YOUNGER since the Fully Raw challenge! You both look great! Thanks SO MUCH for the recipes! You've been such an inspiration!

  2. Love the phrase 'mix n mush' – I'm going to make the kaleamole right now, yay – have all the ingredients!

  3. Kristina you have beauuutiful hair

  4. NO for the raw collard leaves. Don't eat raw collards. Collard greens are high in oxalates and the oxalates can cause terrible inflammation and arthritis. The symptoms show up later. Oxalates just aren't good for the body in my honest opinion and I suggest a low-oxalate diet for good overall health, especially for older people.

  5. You could just 2nd recipe to spread onto the collard leaves alone or with recipe 3 toppings!

  6. I love your mom she is so supportive and nice

  7. Hello Beautiful Soul

    Oooh jam jam love all 3 recipes

  8. I love fruit, but I do so much better on high greens & low fruit 🍃💗🍃💗

  9. Your mom looks like Jasmine from Aladdin in this outfit!!! ROCKING IT GIRL!!! ❤❤❤❤

  10. Ксения Крылова

    I didn't get it. You add bananas, spinach, coconut water and what else?

  11. Looks great, I think ill have the green smoothie for breakfast 🌈 greens are so important for the minerals and I definitely don't get enough of them 🌱

  12. Hey Kristina.. Where do you get your young coconuts?? I would love to know so that I can buy some..

  13. post a link to the recipes?

  14. Yes girl I love these ideas for getting more greens in your diet. Greens are so important thanks for the inspiration. Greens absolutely are life!!!!

  15. I love you all, I like how the word RAW spells the word WAR backwards, before the invention of cooking or edible art work like bread all their was, was raw food, we have as human beings invented new ways of eating by eating cooked food, which is what has created so much of the sickness many endure daily. Many don't know that anything other than eating raw food is war on the body, I would suggest strongly but not forcefully that hearts reading this message don't eat the edible art work most of us call food like pizza or tacos, & please don't switch too fast, maybe two cooked meals then one raw, then two raw then one cooked, slowly ease into eating raw as your body heals from all the bad effects of cooked food. I love you all and hope you all travel safe on your journey of life, Bye bye for now.

  16. That looks really good. I'm convinced that Fully Raw Kristina uses an hdr camera. Lol.

  17. Kristina, thank you for this video! Thank your Mom too! She looks fabulous. These recipes look so amazing. I will have to try them. I appreciate your recipes. I am trying to get healthy and to lose weight. I've been unsuccessful, but I keep trying! You inspire me! Thanks again. HUGS! 🙂

  18. Nice mommy

  19. Beautiful recipies! I love how fresh these foods taste, and how fresh they make me feel!

  20. You inspire me to become full raw I'm going slow but you do help with all this amazing recipe keep them coming please, you and your mom are so cute 😘😘 thanks

  21. Rahul's Vegan Cooking

    Yeah I know how important greens are. Your buddy John at growingyourgreens/okraw tells us about it all the time lol. and I do eat ton of greens.

  22. Hello! I have a serious question. I've been wanting to go raw Vegan for quite some time now. I was planning on starting the beginning of next year (January 2018) but I really wanna begin now. The thing is, I think it'll be hard with the holidays approaching. What do you think?


    A MUST TRY…🥑🥒🍅🌶🥕🍓🍍🍉

  24. We don`t have collard greens or dinosaur kale here in Germany. All there is is regular red and green cabbage, sometimes savoy cabbage and swiss chard. Also your romane lettuces are so huge! Ours are so little. Cilantro is also very hard to find. I can buy it online but in dried version. Got to improvise a lot with the recipes.

  25. Elan Sun Star Photography

    Great trio of videos…always great to see your reminders,,,,,wraps are so visually sumptuous

  26. so much love between you two! <3 but I can feel that she is still a little uncomfortable in front of the camera?

  27. Is it bad that I want to eat all three of these as one meal? 👀😂 #plantbasedfoodie

  28. Wow amazing recipes please upload more recipes

  29. Wow amazing recipes please upload more recipes

  30. The kaleamoli looks delish!

  31. Denise Covarrubias

    you are the QUEEN of recipies Kristina love you!!👑👑👑💚💚💚 btw what the frick is spirulina?🤔

  32. I like this Mom approved video with you two doing the high fives and twin collard green masks. 😊 It shows such togetherness. Kristina I love you and God bless peace to you you both. 💋

  33. These look great!

  34. I love all the recipes — and Kristina you and your mom are absolutely gorgeous!  That kale guacamole is unique, I'm going to try that!

  35. Kristina, as a 24 year old university student and soon graduate and black man that has realized no man has been man enough to propose I would like to take that glorious title and marry you.. I go to university of houston. Graduation is next year.. I need a wife like you in my life forever..

  36. What kind of coconut is that?

  37. All of these recipes look delicious! You are so creative 🙂 love watching your videos!

  38. Bárbara González

    I try to have 3 green smothies and 3 big salads every week. We all need to eat our greens

  39. Даша Иванчихина

    If I can't stand the taste of any coconut product (or even think about it without almost throwing up, for that matter) is there a possibility of its replacement on the smoothie recipe?

  40. Your mum looks more and more radiant as this challenge goes on Sandra you're practically glowing!!

  41. Yummy food 💛

  42. I don't know about the collards. Collard greens are bitter raw and I don't like bitter. Don't get me wrong I love my greens but I just don't know about the collard. The smoothie looks good and so does the kale guacamole but I'd add some pink Himalayan sea salt to that and some lime juice. Guacamole isn't really a guacamole without it. Thanks so much for the recipes though!!!

  43. Sandra is such a badass.

  44. Avocados are sooooo expensive in Germany 😫

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