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  1. today tried this white pasta recipe it was so yummy. my daughter took it for tiffin. thanks for the recipe maam.

  2. Can you do the video of how to make churros without egg and and how to make vegan macaron cookies without egg and without oven please please it is a request


  4. Superb 😋😋😋

  5. Which cheese did u use for white sauce

  6. Priyanka ma'am m becoming your fan

  7. I was hoping when you made the red pasta that you don’t add tomato ketchup and ruin it! Thankfully you didn’t 😅

  8. antrmaddhesiya maddhesiya

    How to make masmalllo and rajasthan chicken

  9. Munmun Chakraborty

    yummy, but want more such delicious tiffin recipes!!!

  10. Amazing delicious
    Can u please tell me the recipe of that moon shape biscuits that u have putted with red sauce pasta please

  11. U r cooking queen..😍❤

  12. Useful recipes 👍👍👍😃😃😃 🌟👏👌

  13. Very nice lunch box recipe🤗👌👍

  14. Nandini Raveshia

    You are my favourite youtuber in cooking……you always give options for some ingredients or tools and your recepies are amazing I've tried many if it myself……and whenever I wish to cook something I just search for it in terrace kitchen and I get the perfect recepie with limited ingredients and it turns out well almost all the time……😍😇💙

  15. Ur ideas are very nice

  16. Please avoid the use of silicon spatula while stirring the veggies…
    Love your recipes ☺

  17. I really liked the white pasta version of yours. 😁Can u make a video on how to make sabudana khichdi

  18. Can you do one week lunch boxes recipe please

  19. Can we skip onion??

  20. Won't the pasta become solid by lunch time .. if we cook at 7:30..by 12:40 It will be too solid .like maggie

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