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  1. 'TARIKA'
    Advocacy for
    I just love the way you carry yourself !

  2. Be original..dont copy chef varun 😜

  3. Hi,
    Great video.
    One question about Salli per Eedu.
    Isn't it likely that the potato crisps will get rather soggy ? Maybe we can do the eggs seperately and add right after coating them?

  4. Another one I am gonna have to try!!! Thank you!

  5. Legs of Octopus • Food & Lifestyle

    Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day and this looks so tasty!

  6. Description mistake
    Garlic 1tsp instead of ginger

  7. Love the 2nd one more..😋😋😋😋 Love chicken love Eggs.. Thanks For sharing this one Tarika Ji..😋😋😋

  8. Charming recipes by a charming woman…It can't get any better than this !!!

  9. Tousik Bhattacharyya

    Two ingredients tht u not mention where get it???

  10. Yum😋

  11. So kinda like Shakshuka, except with potatoes added in. Cool!

  12. Both recipes are awesome especially second one new recipe for me looking yummy thanks for sharing

  13. Video too lengthy. You might want to try to cut it short. Anyway, the chef from Birmingham and Inamdar are my favourites. Cheers!

  14. 😉😉👌

  15. Great Recipe

  16. great recipes thank you chef!

  17. Great recipes, a little change can make such a wonderful dish.
    Keep it up!

  18. Rathna's Samayal

    Different recipe super friend…👌👌👌👌👍👍

  19. Subscribe to kovai foodie for cooking videos

  20. Looks pretty heavy tho

  21. Amazing

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