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  1. CAUTION: I showed 140F, Actually SAFE INTERNAL TEMP IS 145F from pork.org.

  2. You didnt even tenderize it

  3. haha your videos and your reactions are so entertaining! I love how you learned something yourself while trying to teach.

  4. this coocking proces like,someone at Emergency monitor for fever lol

  5. Question: as far as that beaten egg, would you toss it? Or actually just scramble it to not waste it? Thanks.

  6. great video, also a stainless steel scrubber will clean that stove nicely without scratching, just dont use it on the painted parts, plus they last and last, no rust!

  7. just needs tonkatsu sauce or ponzu

  8. engineering001 PORK CUTLET COOKING


    I am so glad I found your channel, Francis.

  10. what about the cost of all the oil? does one re-use the oil?

  11. Just made this tonight. It was delicious. Thanks for the recipe Francis!

  12. Screaming Dean

    There's something about this video that isn't kosher.

  13. If you want it to be healthier and use less oil, you can toast the panko with oil beforehand and bake the cutlet. I personally find it tastier as well because it's not as oily.

  14. I just found your channel today and OH MY GOD this channel is a gold mine. Every video I have seen so far has gotten a thumbs up from me. Definitely going to try this over the weekend. Also see that gunpla kit in the background.

  15. 『 Erin 』 S.

    "Let me feel this meat, here"

  16. Patanjali Lemon Squash Sword Immortal

    This was quite interesting.

  17. Where is the Bulldog tonkatsu sauce?

  18. A very interesting, cheap and filling meal. I made this a couple of days ago and it kept me going for about 4 hours. It's a little fatty, so I'd stray away from this if you're on a diet :P. Overall a very good meal for people on a budget.

  19. But this is assuming we have all these things

  20. this is $2 but it tastes terrible

  21. Try just cooking the pork medium well or just medium. You’ll get more flavor out of the meat and it still won’t be dangerous.

  22. Khandar William

    all those are 1 meal portion

  23. hooshangmaster

    now make hand pulled noodles and beef brisket from scratch.

  24. Robinov schneib

    I really like your cooking videos. I actually use them a lot

  25. You gotta do the mound of diced cabbage bro. Enjoyed the video… esp the lesson in thermometer.

  26. That stove is weird

  27. Anthony Sengsouvanh

    correct me if I'm wrong but I feel as if the temperature of the meat kept rising due to the fact that food doesn't stop cooking till it's cold

  28. Please make way more food videos. Everyone here subscribing to your channel loves your super cheap recipes and foods to avoid

  29. for some reason, the fact that you used 2 thermometers for this makes me very happy. lol

  30. sound lika virgin

  31. God I wish meat was this cheap where I live. That package of pork probably would have been more like $10+…

  32. Whoa, you are into RC Cars?

    You should make a video about them!

  33. Where'd you get that shirt

  34. Make a vegetarian !

  35. steal threaded

    Pork tastes bad these days unless you find heritage and then you pay more than you would for good beef.
    I haven't eaten a good pork chop in 5 years probably.

  36. Hey beatthebush, you didn't include the oil in the cost. Why not cut them into thinner slices you will get to use all the egg and get more crunchy crust and also it will take less oil to cook it.

  37. Asmr pork cutting

  38. This man worked in silicon valley and expects me to believe this was a mistake? You know the laws of thermodynamics and found a perfect, entertaining way to plug a thermometer affiliate. GG

  39. Need sauce

  40. daaznriceballs

    making your own bread crumbs will save you even more money!

  41. Michael Kaykov

    Be careful, bro!

  42. you beat the bush, but you've failed to beat the meat.
    Great video. Next time, try tenderizing your porkchop before you start seasoning. I'm sure it'll improve the texture, shorten cooking time, and help save oil.

  43. How long did you wait for it to get to ~ 145F?

  44. I love your cooking videos! Actually all your videos! Love the outlook on life!

  45. That looks so good! I'll have to run home and make some.

  46. do you care or realize at all that this 2$ "pork" has been a living emprisoned and tortured beeing, that probably never saw daylight was pumped with hormones and antibiotics before it came to your kitchen?

  47. Google about Sous Vide cooking, I'm a meat lover and this machine was one of my best investments to get consistent results when cooking, basically I'd sous vide it first and then fry it. There is this nice youtube channel dedicated to Sous Vide, check it out when you got the time… It's called Sous Vide Everything https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFuaxD-0PKLolFR3gWhrMw/featured

  48. if you want to up the flavor on the tonkatsu, I recommend mincing garlic and mixing it in with the panko so that you end up breading the pork with some garlic. Highly recommend for a fellow tonkatsu lover.

  49. I tried this today, and it came out great, thank you!

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