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  1. Chicken is not cooked properly.

  2. That looks so so so good😍😍
    I love your videos!!

  3. Vanessa Montgomery

    So nobody is going to talk about how raw the first piece of chicken is

  4. I'm love this.👍👍👍💋

  5. I really have been enjoying myself watching all of your videos but I honestly do love all the healthy lifestyle that I really have been having from watching all of your healthy meals, and just watching it really made me loosing a lots of weight that I really am trying to do for my self but I have lost 55 pounds lighter

  6. Ljupkina kuhinjica

    Yummy so great recipe nice job

  7. Looks delicious but first recipe chicken needs another 5 minutes to cook

  8. itsnot urproblem

    All this recipes look delicious. tank you sooo much 😊

  9. كآدي الجنوبيه

    ماشاء الله ..جممميل👍🌷

  10. Can you pls tell me which brand olive oil u use for cooking. Thanks for the vedio and recipes.

  11. Fvck My Pvssy 101 lol

    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. These look so good!!!!

  13. Recipes were easy to follow and tasty! I did initially have trouble finding some of the ingredients in my grocery store and ended up having to purchase from amazon. I would recommend looking through the book for the ingredients before you begin the diet, so you can be sure to have everything you need!

    Cons of the diet was that it was very austere and not very flexible. I was thankful when I was finished!!!! LOL. Would like to try it again but, oh my the first four days are tough. I will say that have incorporated some of the recouped into my regular diet! TRY YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW!!! THE LINK IN MY CHANNEL

  14. Macros Tracking

    Could you do bulking healthy recipies too? Upvote if you want too

  15. FlyLina [пп рецепты]


  16. plz show some keto recepies..

  17. Love all the recipies but what do you do with unused egg yolks?

  18. 이따다 2ddada


  19. Larisa Cherecheș

    I invite you to see my recipes 👍✅

  20. Larisa Cherecheș

    I invite you to see my recipes 👍✅

  21. Larisa Cherecheș

    Wow easy and good 👍

  22. Good channel, Thanks for sharing…. Love

  23. Very good 🤗

  24. I have 2 portino of chicken breast in my fridge uou are so precious

  25. The Journeys & Lessons of Life

    Great recipes .. n uplifting music ☺

  26. Wow 😋😋😋

  27. Chicken was not completely cooked in first recipe

  28. Edina Beganovic

    Thanks for all this recipes Thay are easy for prepare very delicious and healthy I am so happy now I cook fast and easy

  29. Great recipes ❤️❤️

  30. Bubeeboo - Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Kids!

    Brilliant! Will try these. But why waste the courgette skin? I always wash and keep on for the nutrients/fibre.

  31. Dietmar Siebrecht

    I really love ur knife

  32. Legs of Octopus • Food & Lifestyle

    I love chicken! This is great 👍🏻

  33. Denise sweets !!

    Very delicious and healthy thank you for this recipe !!

  34. يوميات طالبة جزائرية

    Amazing 😍😍

  35. That looks so delicious.Thanks

  36. Days with Donna TV

    Thanks for sharing ! Need to try these 😋

  37. تاليا محمد

    اكتر قناة مفيده وبستفاد منها خصوصا في الاكل النباتي علشان انا vegetarian ❤️

  38. Syed mdabdullah

    I think you are a good singer…
    Why ??

    You have such a good taste of music 😍

  39. Perfect timing

  40. I absolutely love this creative videos. Let me ask though, how do you come up with these recipes ?

  41. Syed mdabdullah

    Everyone : healthy foods can't be tasty

    The serious fitness : hold my knife

  42. ☻ first comments from Jo

  43. Fantastic!!! 😍😋😍

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