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  1. So yammmmmmmmmmmmmm😋😋😋😋😋😜😜😋😋

  2. Nathalie Joyce Cristobal


  3. Hayley Seemumgal

    When I go for my aunty in the airport 1 may ill show her it she is brining a lot of thing for me

  4. Is the music talking to me? It keeps saying hi

  5. kookie's wifeu

    8:57 isn't that mochi?

  6. Clickbait

  7. Moynul Hassan Jubayer

    so yummy!wants to eat now, deliciou……ssss

  8. I Can't

  9. The Cara Andrea Show

    1:35 to 2:32 when u run out of ideas

  10. Why did she just wix whip cream

  11. Xiamara yasmin Frias

    Por favor un q sea subtítulos en español gracias 😘✌👍

  12. i clicked on this thinking it was a video made by tasty😂😂😂 i just now realized😂

  13. you must be paticipate in masterchef india because you taking few time for cooking😮😜😜😜😜😜😜

  14. 😋😋🤩🤩😍😍

  15. Yvonne Catherine Rodriguez

    the song is sayinghi to youuntil it has given up
    btw great vid it totally help me and my family what to cook for dessert

  16. I’m craving this so much !!

  17. سيدمحمد جاسم

    الي عراقي يحط

  18. hilda alintria

    Thumbnail: really, I can make tasty food for 10 minutes each?

    Video: 0:32 lol. Of course, 10 minutes for video

    Reality: yeah, only cereal and milk is the best 10 minutes.

  19. hilda alintria

    10 Minutes?! Lmao. In video of course…..

  20. Sophia Morrissey

    Did I die and go to heaven?!?

  21. Illasikhani Kouser


  22. 👏we👏want👏new👏music👏

    It’s still a good vid though.

  23. You've earned a new sub! Great work.keep it up

  24. Preeti Nariyal

    All are looking very delicious🤤🤤

  25. Erendira Hinojosa

    His kiss look like mud

  26. 図面とアニメーション•María•Sol•

    Omg they all look delicious!

  27. Geovana Pereira Da Silva Pereira

    Amo a sistir esses vidios muito bom delicia 🍮🍦🍧🍨🍰🍩

  28. ايه حيدر

    إني من عشت الشكل انا😘😍😍😍

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  31. Shajeeah Joomun

    Your macarons didn't rise ,maybe you have overmixed or the fluidity of the batter, being a pastry chef i would suggest u to check your recipe ,but decoration are great ,keep it up with your creativity

  32. Can you make without egg

  33. Wow !! To delicious to see all this and I will try this on Saturday as guests are coming can't wait

  34. Can you deliver to me



    1 like=One Sweet

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