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  1. Hello, dear Pandas! 💕🐼💕
    Have you ever thought of combining your favorite desserts?? Panda sure did !💡
    Here are our favorite dessert mashup recipes! 🥧🍭🍩
    Which one was your favorite? 💯
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    Much love from the Hungry Panda 💓💌💓

  2. Khadija Aittlit

    Toooooop Toooooop😁😁

  3. But y do you u use brown suger in most of these recipes that is a kind of drugs right

  4. it like so yummy

  5. In 1:57 sec some background music is playing can someone say what song or theme music it is

    It is a tamil song from an actor called MGR

    Muthusaram mulaikodi yaro

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  7. Shirai Itamūra

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  10. Mademoiselle Mayka


  11. Complation queen bb

    am I the only one subscribed to all other channels hi panda

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  16. Yum, they look so delicious.

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  18. {Octavia Randomness}

    You: Thats how you get sick, and get diabetes!!!
    Me: but you still wanna make it, even thought you don’t have kids, huh?

  19. Kamile Glaveckaite


  20. Love you h.p

  21. Buchi Migososky


  22. I love your baking skills

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