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  1. Bigger Bolder Baking

    Hi Bold Bakers! Fire up your microwaves, because you're about to have a decadent chocolate cake in under 10 minutes! Get the written recipe here: http://bit.ly/10MinChocolateCake

  2. 6:04 yeah never been good at that❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  3. Abdulraqeeb Jigar

    Heavenly made!
    Perfect as ever

  4. OMG Gemma – epic – I'm thinking Wexford strawberries on this…..YUM

  5. Beautiful!!!

  6. Haven't watched in forever but just looked through my subscriptions… You're so wholesome I love it

  7. Kelly Armstrong

    They had this video on a morning TV show called "Right This Minute" yesterday! They show your recipes occassionally and I get so excited bc I regularly watch your videos and use your recipes! Did you know about the show?

  8. Oh my god Gemma ❣ you wont believe it but literally yesterday I was searching for a chocolate cake in the microwave and here it is 😃 love you so so much 💖Also, can we use Nutella instead of chocolate 🍫 I love Nutella. Thanks in advance 💕 💓

  9. Can you plz tell the baking Timing in the oven? Love your recipes

  10. Hi i was at your channel since the diy mug cakes and ice cream 🤗 im happy that now you gained 1M subs⚡️

  11. Hi, I want to make just 1 layer of the cake. So do I just use a third of all ingredients?

  12. Thank you, Gemma!

  13. My 10 year old loves her and so do I! She thought about asking for an easy bake oven and then thought about these videos… lol 😆. I'm going to get ingredients for her to experiment with.

  14. 🙁 no microwave in my home.

  15. I request…

  16. Tamara Boskovic

    Hello Gemma!
    I have a question.
    Your recipes are so often my choice, my whole family loves them all. You are a great teacher ‘cause every single time i make something (and i made quite a lot …) it turned out out amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I have to make this cake on wednesday when my daughter has a birthday party.

    Please, let me know how to bake them in an oven!

    Very best regards from Montenegro!

  17. Wow I had no idea that microwaving cakes was a thing now. And I am impressed! 😀

  18. Kathy Tipon-tipon

    I really love you micro baking videos!💕

  19. Gemma, i love that you were using your beater instead of the stand mixer. Most of us do not have stand mixer because 1. Theyre expensive, 2. Dont bake as much so we dont have all the equipment, and more importantly 3. It makes it very accessible.
    Please use it more often in your videos, unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to use the stand mixer, since your baking style is all about convenience (thats the reason why your mug meals are sooo popular).

    Thanks again!

  20. Minahil Safeena

    How much quantity you had used in the whole video…

  21. Aditya Chakravorty

    these are the kinds of thing that makes my day. You rock😄

  22. Gemma I am very happy you used melted chocolate

  23. Gemma yahoooo happy Eid mubarak

  24. Please give us the measurements

  25. Woman Like Leigh


  26. Microwaves kill all the nutritional value of any foods. Dead sustenance.

  27. Hi Gemma! Very very nice recipie! My microwave rhey gave only 900 W! How many time a must to bake the cakes? I have 1 silicone molt! Can i make it 1 and every time i live the cake cool out of the mold and i bake the other cakes? Can we make in a cupcake silicone mold? If we can't how mane minutes they need to bake them? Thanks for these very easy and fantastic chocolate recipie Gemma! Have a nice day and weekend! 👍👏🍫🍫🍫🎂💖

  28. Can you please sande me a eggles

  29. Pls describe the measurements of the item….i dunoe how to measure the ingredients 1 cup or how many grams

  30. Aaradhya Mishra

    Nice style

  31. I love how you always give so many options! Like ”If you don’t have this use this” and so on. It truly makes it feel like EVERYONE can bake following your recipies! Much love xxx

  32. hi is very yummy

  33. Hi Gemma, will the recipe works if I bake it in oven? Love the rustic look in this cake. Thanks.x

  34. Sanjeevini Patil

    Why can't you just give the measurements in the video or the description box??

  35. I do not have a microwave at home. can i do this under oven instead? 🙁


  37. keara vallecera

    wow wow wow wow wow 💞💞💞💞🎂

  38. Can cake and chocolate ever go wrong!Love it Gemma

  39. Tanmayi Bharadwaj

    Hi Gemma thank you for the recipe it's my mom dad's anniversary today I'll make this cake for them

  40. CHOCOLATE 😭😭😭 ❤️❤️

  41. Thanks for such a great idea!

  42. U don't need to butter these molds at all

  43. Nice

  44. I live in India n we don't don't bake traditionally so most Indian households have oven microwave hybrids… Thank you so much for making this video

  45. I want to ask if i put yogurt and then butter milk (not just an ordinary milk) is it ok?
    Or is it going to be overload of moistness ?
    Should i use ordinary milk only or buttermilk?

  46. This is one delicious recipe!

  47. Can i bake this cake in a normal oven

  48. Amruta's Veg Kitchen

    Waw sooooo easy cake

  49. rainbow unicorn

    This is amazing… Thank u ma'am coz i only have an microwave and nt an oven.. By the way ma'am u my baking inspiration to become a Proffessional check.. Maam i have a new channel so why dont you check it out

  50. Gemma it's the best baker and has the best tips to bake fast, easy and delicious.

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