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  1. Looks yummy

  2. Kaushal Kudesia

    Total junk food ! Not suitable for human consumption.

  3. Looking yummy

  4. Maza aa gaya, m definitely gonna try this

  5. Why aren't you stirring properly

  6. Ranjan Sengupta

    धन्यवाद आपकी रेसिपी अच्छी लगी,लेकिन, अपने हर समय हाई फ्लेम की बात की है,पर पानी का अंदाज सही नही है, क्योंकि काम पानी डालकर हाई फ्लेम पेर चिकन 15 मिनट पकाने से सारा पानी सूख जाता है,दूसरी बार भी पेस्ट किया मसाला भी हाई फ्लेम पर सबकुछ मिलाते मिलते सूख जाएगा, पुनः 2 मिनिट में पूरा चिकन सहित सूख कर बिन ग्रेवी का हो जाएगा।अतः पानी डालने का सही नाप जरूर बताएं।

  7. Hello, you have mentioned everything in the description box except the recipe and preparation. please can you share these. Thanks.

  8. does'nt know how to cook anari

  9. Wow! V nice recipe

  10. Hello. Nice video. Thanks for sharing the video 😍😍😍🤝👌👌👌👌👌

  11. Anis anzum Anis anzum

    Very good

  12. Bad

  13. Made it today.. it was amazing.. thank you so much.. keep coming with something new 😘

  14. I've tried, it was very yummy….thanks.

  15. Thank you for putting English subtitles

  16. Agar humein 1 1/2 kg chicken pakana hai, to gravy banane ki kya measurements rahegi

  17. Yr sister roza h kuch to khayal kro😁

  18. Wonderful recipe jazzakallah

  19. So yummy

  20. Kandukuri Prasanna

    Yummy 😋 didi

  21. Loving your recipes❤

  22. Khulood's kitchen


  23. Nice recipe didi
    Please share haleem recipe

  24. Nice recipe appy I will try for my family 😃

  25. Bake With Razia


  26. Nice recipe

  27. Aapi u are the my best chef thanks for this recipe mouth watering dish hai aapi so yummy 😍😍😋😋👍👌

  28. Bhut khub

  29. aah muhh me pani aa gya….

  30. S K reshuffling Rehajuddin

    Beuteful racepe RAZIA

  31. wah razia di roze ke time upload 😀

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